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EnGenius EnStationAC
Outdoor Long-Range 11ac Access Point/Wireless Bridge

EnGenius EnStationAC

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EnGenius EnStationAC
EnGenius EnStationAC
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EnStationAC is a 5 GHz high-powered long-distance 11AC wireless outdoor AP/client bridge offering dual-PoE Gigabit ports and a high-gain directional antenna that emits a narrow signal beam, limiting interference and ensuring stable connectivity, high-bandwidth and 867 Mbps speeds over long distances.


  • Powerful 19 dBi High-Gain Antennas Extend Networks to 5 Miles Point-to-Point
  • Optimal Bandwidth Supports Heavy Video Delivery Over Long Distances
  • (2) Gigabit PoE-Compliant Ports Offer Flexible Power Options for an IP Camera or AP
  • 360-Degree, 3-Axis Pivoting Arm Locks for Precision Alignment

Optimal Bandwidth, Wider Channel Range for Fast File Transfers & Smooth HD Video Streaming

EnStationAC is engineered with a powerful independent RF interface that allows it to accommodate 4k Ultra High Defi nition (UHD) video and heavy multi-application traffi c services, extending bandwidth over a wider channel range (20MHz, 40MHz and/or 80MHz), allowing network managers to fi ne tune channel usage based on their application needs.

Connect and Power A Second Network Device for Greater Deployment Flexibility

Off ering greater fl exibility in deployment, the EnStationAC features two Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) 802.3at-compliant Gigabit ports. Connect and power a second device such as a remote IP surveillance camera or Access Point and power both via the included passive 54v Gigabit PoE Adapter up to 328 feet.

These enhanced power options allow the AP/CB and a secondary device to be deployed where power outlets are scarce or unavailable, such as under the eaves of roofs, high atop light poles or in other remote locations.


Going the Distance

All EnStation models feature 26 dBm output power and high receive sensitivity, coupled with embedded high-gain directional antennas that emit a narrow signal beam to deliver stable robust connectivity, optimal bandwidth and high speed data rates over extremely long distances — up to 5 miles in clear line-of-sight point-to-point deployments. EnStation extends the wireless network across large campus environments, over vast acreage in parks and recreational facilities, industrial, farming and ranching properties; in sizable indoor structures like arenas, shopping malls, warehouses and convention centers and in other challenging settings.

Flexibility in Deployment

Confi gure EnStation to accommodate specifi c operation modes including Access Point, Client Bridge and WDS Bridge for Point-to-Point or Pointto-Multipoint deployments.

Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint Deployments

Extended connectivity distances can be achieved when two EnStation units, of the same frequency band, are paired together in a Point-to-Point (PtP) or grouped with multiple units in a Point-to-Multipoint deployment. Aligning their respective dish-shaped antennas to directly face each other ensures each gets the full impact of the focused narrow wireless single beam, further reducing frequency interference over long-ranges.

Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint Deployments

Wireless Surveillance Scenario

Connect an EnGenius IP Surveillance Camera to EnStation’s secondary Gigabit (EnStationAC) or Fast (EnStation5/2) Ethernet port and utilize its long-range connectivity to send surveillance video back through the wireless network for extended surveillance coverage. Tethering a series of EnGenius IP Cameras to the EnStation gives you “eyes on” places you might not otherwise see – no matter how far away, with signifi cantly better results than traditional non-tethered wireless surveillance setups.

Wireless Surveillance Scenario

Install Virtually Anywhere

With enhanced power options, EnStation supports Power-over-Ethernet extending power up to 328 feet (100 m) away from a power outlet to EnStation’s mounting location, such as high atop rooftops, poles, rafters or other remote locations via its PoE Adapter or a compatible PoE Switch. All EnStation units include a PoE-compatible Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) adapter. EnStationAC is able to power PoE-compliant devices such as an IP Camera or Access Point directly via its secondary Gigabit PoE pass through port.

Install Virtually Anywhere

Extreme Distances Even in Extreme Weather

EnStation is designed to perform, even in harsh environments. Its IP55-rated waterproof and dustproof casing ensures it can withstand harsh outdoor climates and indoor industrial environments. This includes prolonged exposure outdoors to sunlight, extreme cold, frost, snow, rain, hail, heat and humidity, and indoors where temperature may be a factor.

Position for Maximum ConnectivityPosition for Maximum Connectivity

A 360-degree, 3-axis pivoting arm locks in place for precise alignment with a matching EnStation unit in point-to-point scenarios. EnStation is easily mounted to a variety of surfaces or poles with the included mounting kits.

Control, Monitor & Configure

With EnGenius’ EZ Controller Software, EnStation units that are deployed on rooftops or in other difficult to access locations can be reconfigured to different operational modes and upgraded remotely without manually connecting to them onsite.


EnGenius EnStationAC Specifications

EnGenius EnStationAC Specifications
Standards IEEE 802.11a/n on 5 GHz
Memory Capacity Memory: 256 MB
Flash Memory 16 MB
Antenna Internal Directional Antennas
19 dBi on 5 GHz
Physical Interface 2 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
- LAN1: Supports 802.3at PoE Input
- LAN2: Data & 802.3af PoE Pass-Through
1 x Reset Button
LED Indicators 1 x Power
WLAN (Wireless Connection)
5 GHz
2 x LAN
Power Source PoE injector (EPA2406GP)
100V~240V AC, 50-60Hz
0.4A @ 120V AC
Surge Protection: 1KV
ESD Protection
Contact: 4KV
Air: 8 KV
Ingress Protection Marking IP55-Rated Enclosure
Mounting Wall Mount
Pole Mount
Wireless & Radio Specifications
Operating Frequency 5GHz
Operation Modes Access Point
Client Bridge
Client Router
WDS: AP, Bridge
Frequency Radio 5GHz: 5150MHz ~ 5240MHz, 5260 ~ 5320MHz, 5500MHz ~ 5700MHz, 5745MHz ~ 5925MHz
Transmit Power Up to 26 dBm on 5 GHz
Max transmit power is limited by regulatory power
Radio Chains/Spatial Streams 2x2:2
Supported Data Rates (Mbps) 5 GHz: Max 867
802.11a: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54
802.11n: 6.5 to 300 (MCS0 to MCS15)
802.11ac: 6.5 to 867 (MCS0 to MCS9, NSS=1 ~2)
Supported Radio Technology 802.11a/n/ac: Orthogonal frequency-division Multiplexing (OFDM)
Channelization 802.11n with 20/40 MHz channel width
802.11a with 20 MHz channel width
802.11ac with 20/40/80 MHz channel width
Supported Modulation 802.11a/n: BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
802.11ac: BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM, 256-QAM
AP Radio Settings AP Client Limiting
VLANs for AP - Multiple SSIDs
Wi-Fi Scheduler
Traffic Shaping
Client Traffic Status
RADIUS Accounting
Distance Control (Ack Timeout)
Multicast Supported
RSSI Threshold
Email Alert
Multiple BSSID Supports up to 4 SSIDs
VLAN Tagging Supports 802.1q SSID-to-VLAN tagging
VLAN Pass through
QoS Compliant with IEEE 802.11e Standard
SNMP v1, v2c, v3
MIB I/II, Private MIB
Deployment Options Standalone (Individually Managed)
Configuration Web Interface (HTTP)
CLI (Telnet)
Control Features Auto Reboot
Firmware Upgrade
Security WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
Hide SSID in beacons
MAC Address Filtering
Https Support
Environmental & Physical
Temperature Range Operating: -4°F to 140°F, -20°C to 60°C
Storage: -22°F to 176°F, -30°C to 80 °C
Humidity (non-condensing) Operating: 90% or less
Storage: 90% or less
Device Dimensions & Weights
Device Weight: 1.11 lbs. (460 g)
Depth: 7.48” (190 mm)
Height: 1.50” (38 mm)
Package Contents EnStationAC Outdoor AP
PoE Injector (EPA2406GP)
Pole Mount Bracket
Mounting Screw Set
Quick Installation Guide
Certifications FCC
Warranty 1 Year

EnGenius EnStation Compare:

Models EnStationAC EnStation5 EnStation2
Standards 802.11a/n/ac 802.11a/n 802.11b/g/n
Frequency 5 GHz 5 GHz 2.4 GHz
Max. Data Rate Up to 867 Mbps Up to 300 Mbps Up to 300 Mbps
Radio Chains/Streams 2 x 2:2 2 x 2:2 2 x 2:2
RF Output Power 26 dBm 26 dBm 26 dBm
Primary Ethernet Port 1 x Gigabit Port (PoE Input) 1 x Fast Ethernet Port 1 x Fast Ethernet Port
Secondary Gigabit Port 1 x Gigabit Port (PoE Output) 1 x Fast Ethernet Port 1 x Fast Ethernet Port
Power-over-Ethernet 802.3at (in)/802.3af (out) Proprietary Proprietary
Power Consumption (Peak) 23.4W 7W 7.2W
Integrated Antenna 19 dBi 19 dBi 13 dBi
Ingress Protection Rating 55 55 55
Internal Antenna EnStationAC EnStation5 EnStation2
Antenna 5 GHz (P1) 5 GHz (P1) 5 GHz (P1) 5 GHz (P2) 2.4 GHz (P1) 2.4 GHz (P2)
Antenna Gain 19 dBi 19 dBi 19 dBi 19 dBi 13 dBi 13 dBi
Polarization Linear Linear Linear Linear Linear Linear
Azimuth Beam-Width 30° 18° 30° 18° 67° 67°
Elevation Beam-Width 18° 30° 18° 30° 33° 35°
VSWR 1 :2.0 1 :2.0 1 :2.0 1 :2.0 1 :2.0 1 :2.0
Dimension 7.38”x7.38”x1.50” 7.38”x7.38”x1.50” 7.38”x7.38”x1.50”


Download the EnGenius EnStation Solution Datasheet (PDF).

EnGenius Products
EnGenius EnStationAC
EnGenius EnStationAC
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EnGenius EnStationAC 2 Pack
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