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DuraFon Roam
Long-Range, Durable, SIP-based, Industrial Cordless Voice Communication System

DuraFon Roam


The DuraFon Roam is EnGenius 2nd generation durable, long-range SIP cordless phone.

The DuraFon Roam Voice Communication System delivers new levels of industry-leading range with the ability to roam between base units while on a call. The new DuraFon Roam system can provide up to 4 times the coverage of even our range-leading 1st generation platform. The brand’s renowned durable handset’s design and built-in digital two-way radio functions remain.

The DuraFon Roam allows for up to eight (8) base units with SIP and even an analog port on each base. The system can support up to 32 concurrent calls, 90 handsets and 32 SIP accounts. Designed to serve demanding environments where communication can be challenging due to the size or configuration of the environment. The DuraFon Roam well exceeds the range of a Wi-Fi or DECT phone. Built for use at these and similar environments:

DuraFon Roam

  • Large Retail Stores
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Grocery Stores
  • Expansive Agricultural Properties
  • Equipment Rental Yards
  • Vehicle Service Centers

Features & Benefits

  • Long Range Multi-Base SIP Voice Communication System (phone and digital two-way radio)
  • Supports up to 8 Base Units with Roaming
  • Range Performance up to:
    • 200,000 sq. ft. or 24 Floors In-Building Penetration (Office)
    • 1,000,000 sq. ft. in Warehouse / Retail Store
    • 3,000 Acres Open Land (Farm / Ranch) Coverage
  • Multi-Mode Communications
    • Total 8 Bases, Supports up to 32 Concurrent Calls (32 SIP or 24-SIP + 8-PSTN)
    • Works with Standard SIP protocols of IP-PBXs or hosted service providers
    • Intercom & Broadcast over IP
  • Durability, Rugged Design
  • Secure 900 MHz (902 ~ 928MHz) FHSS
  • Web-GUI Configuration
  • Doesn’t use valuable Wi-Fi bandwidth


Premises Mobility Communications Solution

DuraFon Roam is a powerful, reliable, versatile multi-mode communications system that delivers industry-leading range and durability while providing significantly lower CapEx and OpEx when compared to other SIP cordless phone solutions.

Lower CapEx, faster deployments:

DuraFon Roam features EnGenius high-power, easy-to-deploy multi-cell technology that covers up to 4 times indoors and outdoors coverage, penetrates in-building, minimizing the amount of equipment required.

Reduced OpEx, less downtime:

The proven durability of the DuraFon series-over 10 years of continued innovation and testing-ensures that the phones will survive in the most challenging environments where handsets are subjected to drops and shocks.

Flexible and easy-to-deploy:

Easily configured web-GUI via EnGenius Cloud, DuraFon Roam supports both PSTN and SIP functions, and works with any IP-PBX system or hosted service provider that supports the standard SIP protocol. In addition to long-range connectivity, the multi-mode system also enables users to communicate via 2-Way Intercom and PTT Broadcast modes.

Flexible, Multi-Mode Communications

Independent 2-Way Intercom

The DuraFon Roam’s Handset provides handset-to-handset communication with or without going through the Base Station for quick contact with specific users without group chatter.

Broadcast Feature

DuraFon Roam offers the favored, “Push-to-Talk” feature through the Handset’s Broadcast button, allowing users to create 1-way communications for 1-to-All or 1-to-A Handset Group for instant group communication.

Dual Interface

Support for both SIP and PSTN lines permit the connection of the Base Station to a legacy PBX, IP-PBX or phone service provider and gives users up to four (4) talk paths via four (4) digital calls or three (3) digital calls and one (1) analog line.

Cloud Access

EnGenius Cloud improves users operational efficiencies, help maintain high customer satisfaction, and cut the operational costs.

Easy Configuration

User can remotely configure the networking connectivity, multi-base, SIP account, audio setting, phonebook and all related settings in anywhere and anytime.

Easy Management

Real time and visualized information helps user to easily manage the DuraFon Roam’s devices.

Easy Monitoring

User can collect the trunk/account/line status, handset/ base status, call statistics and traffic statistics, present and analysis through dashboard, help user to monitor the whole operation of DuraFon Roam system.

Durable, Rugged Design

The DuraFon Roam’s durable, rugged Handset is designed for use in demanding environments and tested to withstand 6-foot drops, over 50 times onto concrete floor without breaking.

Superior Long-Range Performance

DuraFon Roam implements a high-powered 900MHz proprietary air protocol, with high RF transmission and sensitivity to provide superior range and coverage for large footprint environments; covering up to 1,000,000 sq. ft. (retail store/warehouse), 3,000 acres (farm/ranch) and penetrating up to 24 floors or 200,000 sq. ft. (hotel/office).

Secure Wireless Communications

Adopting 900MHz (902~928MHz) FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology, the DuraFon Roam ensures secure communications during conversations.

Multi-Cell Technology Expand Coverage

The DuraFon Roam features multi-cell technology that leverages multiple 900 MHz Base Stations for long-range coverage, expanding the coverage by adding Base Stations, helping companies enlarge the user capacity and range through multi-base installation.

20-Years of Trusted Reliability

EnGenius brings over 20 years of product and engineering experience with long-range leadership for voice communication to the DuraFon Roam system.

Low Total Cost of Ownership Available for SIP Deployments

Unlike other SIP systems, the DuraFon Roam offers the low TCO available for large-area SIP deployments. By simplifying and expediting system deployments, the DuraFon Roam lowers overall equipment costs and ensures less downtime through its proven reliability, reducing overall operating expenses for the life of the system.

Operates Independently of Wi-Fi Networks

By using the 900MHz frequency, DuraFon Roam operates independently of the Wi-Fi network and doesn’t require valuable Wi-Fi bandwidth or present Wi-Fi QoS concerns. available for large.

Physical Interface:

1. Controller: DuraFon Roam - BSC

DuraFon Roam

LED Button Jack
Power (Orange) Reset RJ-45 x 2
LAN (Green) Lower Micro SD Slot

2. Base Station: DuraFon Roam - BU

DuraFon Roam

LED Button Jack
Power Reset x 1 Line x 1
Link 1 Reset x 1 LAN x 1
Link 2 - DC x 1
Link 3 - Grounding
Link 4 - -

3. Portable Handset: DuraFon Roam - HC

DuraFon Roam

Button Jack
Left & Right Soft-key Headset Jack
Up USB Jack
Down -
Talk/Speaker -
2-Way Intercom -
End & Power -
Broadcast -
0 ~ 9, *,# -


Download the DuraFon Roam Datasheet (PDF).

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