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EnGenius DuraFon Pro-PIB20L
Multi-Handset Bundle with External Antenna

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EnGenius Products
EnGenius DuraFon Pro-PIB20L
EnGenius DuraFonPro Cordless Phone Kit
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The DuraFon PRO-PIB20L is the perfect starter package for any business requiring workplace mobility and multiple handsets. This package includes (4) DuraFon handsets along with the DuraFon PRO (4) line base unit. In addition this kit also includes an extra battery and a DuraPouch for each handset for added protection. The DuraFon PRO-PIB20L also includes our SN-AK20L external antenna kit with 66' of low loss coax cable.

Product Highlights

  • 12 floors in-building penetration
  • 250,000 sq. ft. of facility coverage
  • 3,000 acres of property, open land coverage
  • Multi-Line (4-ports / line per base unit)
  • Supports up to 90 DuraFon PRO or DuraWalkie handsets
  • Works behind any analog port (PBX, VOIP, PSTN, FXS or POTS)
  • Expandable to (8) bases for (32) line/ports
  • Speakerphone
  • Wireless full duplex intercom between DuraFon PRO & DuraWalkie handsets
  • Broadcast Page half duplex (PTT) between DuraFon PRO & DuraWalkie handsets
  • Rugged & durable designed handsets for industrial environments
  • Auto Attendant
  • Extended range options / Multi Location use
  • Broadcast page port
  • 6 hours talk time, 50 hours stand-by time

Also recommended

  • Additional DuraFon PRO handsets
  • Additional DuraWalkie handsets
  • DuraFon PRO-BU 4 line expansion base
  • DuraPouch-EX protective carrying case
  • DuraFon-BA spare battery pack
  • SN-ULTRA-AK20 External antenna

DuraFon PRO-PIB10L System Includes

  • One (1) DuraFon PRO Base Unit
  • Four (4) DuraFon PRO Handsets
  • Eight (8) Li-Ion Battery Packs
  • Four (4) AC Charging Cradles w/Power Adaptors
  • Four (4) Belt Clips
  • Four (4) Optimal Performance Antennas
  • Four (4) Low Profile Antennas
  • Four (4) DuraPouches – Handset Holsters
  • One (1) External High Gain Antenna Kit w/66’ Low Loss Coax Cable
  • One (1) Lighting Protection Kit


EnGenius DuraFon Pro-PIB20L Specifications
Electrical Specifications Base Unit Portable Handset
Frequency 902-928 MHz 902-928 MHz
RF Power Peak: 708 mW
Average: 304 mW
Peak: 708 mW
Average: 76 mW
Channel Spacing 200 kHz 200 kHz
Number of Channels 128 128
Modulation MSK MSK
Multiple Access Frequency Hopping TDMA Frequency Hopping TDMA
Frequency Hopping Rate 100 per second 100 per second
TDMA Frame Length 10 ms 10 ms
Number of Slots/Frame 8 8
Number of Users/Carrier 4 4
Receiver Sensitivity <-108 dBm (@BER 0.01) <-108 dBm (@BER 0.01)
Antenna Connector Reverse TNC Non-Standard
Antenna Gain 2 dBi5 dBi External (optional) 2 dBi (Long)0.5 dBi (short)
TX Power Control Range N/A 100-708 mW
Telephone Interface RJ11x4 N/A
Speech Coding 8 kbps G.729A 8 kbps G.729A
Channel Coding 8 kbps Convolutional + CRC 8 kbps Convolutional + CRC
Transmission Data Rate 170.678 kbps 170.678 kbps
User Data Rate 128 kbps duplex 128 kbps duplex
Duplex Time Division Duplex (TDD) Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Voice Quality TIA/EIA-470B TIA/EIA-470B
No. of System ID 65,536 65,536
Ring Signal 20-50 Hz, 12-90 Vrms N/A
Auto-Attendant Coding 8 kbps G.729 8 kbps G.729
Flash Time 100-900 ms programmable N/A
Power Source 120V/7V AC/DC Adapter 3.6V, 1700mAh Li-ion Battery
Charger Current N/A 500 mA
Charge Time N/A 4 hours (from empty)
Regulation Compliance FCC Part 15, Part 68 FCC Part 15, Part 68
Operating Temperature -10~60C -10~60C
Storage Temperature -10~70C -10~70C
Humidity 20~75% 20~75%
Dimension without antenna 215Dx53Hx280W mm
11.0"x2.1"x8.5" 58Wx31Dx161H mm
Weight 32 ounces 6.17 ounces

Pricing Notes:

EnGenius Products
EnGenius DuraFon Pro-PIB20L
EnGenius DuraFonPro Cordless Phone Kit
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EnGenius DuraFon PRO Base / (4) Handset Bundle w/20m internal antenna
List Price: $3,258.98
Our Price: $2,617.18